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ADB Altorfer Duss & Beilstein is one of the leading tax law firms in Switzerland. Founded in 1954, we offer national and international clients comprehensive consultancy focusing on Swiss and international tax law.

Since 1954.

About us

We shed light on tax.

From high net worth individuals to institutional investors. From the SME to the listed company. From incorporation through to succession planning. From the concept through to implementation and its reproduction in tax returns and tax assessments. We provide personal and individually tailored advice in relation to all aspects of life and business decisions with tax implications.

Our services are based on decades of professional experience and are characterised by recognised specialist expertise. With our avocational engagements as lecturers, specialist authors and judges we each provide our own additional contribution to the development of tax law.


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Our strength lies in the interdisciplinary approach to tax law in our team of lawyers and economists. Our experienced team of tax experts carefully attends to your interests in all tax matters.